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129 definitions by Erin

A fusion of newspeak and leetspeak to indicate that something is superlatively bad. Alternatively, "!1337++," "++!1337"
NOT RECOMMENDED for use in verbal conversation, as it makes the speaker sound like a complete t00l.
A tool, in daily conversation: "Arrgh! That memo about the new dress code is doubleplus unleet! No more pocket protectors!"
A l33t haxx0r, in e-mail/im: "WinME+56k+hateway=!1337++, -kthxbai (And yes, I actually ran on that through 2003)"
by Erin October 29, 2004
5 1
being stressed and frustrated at the same time.
Being late to work and not able to find a parking spot caused her to become stresserated.
by erin October 24, 2004
6 2
Jelly bracelets are just plain bracelets that you can bend and snap. And the game"snap" was made AFTER these bracelets were made.
The Game "snap" was most likely made up by some stupid boys that don't have girlfriends and can't get anything. So I rest my case.
by erin May 16, 2004
6 2
means really really good. like the bomb and fantastic.
"That guy is bumbastic."
"This ganja is bumbastic."
by Erin November 07, 2004
9 6
One who fusses.
That broad is a fusser, for sure.
by Erin December 12, 2003
5 2
A fart made while in the tub, that rumbles on the tub floor and makes a noise much like its name.
It didn't smell, but boy did that squahnk make a beautiful noise. Music to my ears...
by Erin August 14, 2003
5 2
An extreme feeling of sickness in one's digestive track that almost always results in a very severe and excrutiating case of explosive diarhea.
Eating at Coney Island and Shitney almost always gives me gut-rot.
by Erin August 14, 2003
9 6