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to be "buzzed." when you arent drunk, but arent sober.
Erin: You are so drunk!
Dillain: No I'm not, I'm just phased..
by Erin May 07, 2005
A shared stare between a guitarist onstage and an audience member that has so much sexuality, its orgasmic.
Oh my god! you are SO having Guitar Sex with him!
by erin August 06, 2004
a small blonde human being or fetus.Derived from Boris and Joseph. Usually a bojo is quite chunky and models for photo studios in cottage country.
Hey I hear you are having a bojo! Congrats.
by erin November 30, 2004
oh i guess that was jeffs thumbs down. say youre sorry, jeff.
sorry andy i love you
by erin January 10, 2005
A Cougar must fulfill the following requirements:
1. 35 to 50 years old
2. Bleach blonde hair
3. hot pink lips/nail polish
4. desparately seeking younger men to use as she pleases, then dispose of
5. may be seen in packs in bars drinking rose zinfandel
A good example from pop culture would be Stifler's mom from "American Pie".
by Erin August 18, 2003
Hardesty's House Hoe
Caroline hooked up with somebody else!
by Erin May 07, 2004
Ugly, but interesting.
Gawd is he CUTE! "barf"
by erin May 05, 2003

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