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word used to confuse the hell out of people who like to type out whole words and say "hey thats awesome"
you: OMG OMG I LIKE AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS BAND. *insert band name here*XCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111oneone!!!!!111
by erika December 20, 2004
a slutty girl, a hoe ( whore ), one who sleeps around; a golddigger. Commonly used in Akron,Ohio
Tina sleeps around a lot. She's nothing but a jelly
by Erika June 27, 2003
they r just as cute and cuddly and addictive has regular bunnies plus the fact that they can take over ur dreanies and randomly appear everywhere
"the cyber bunnies are , are....everywhere...."
by Erika February 03, 2005
Surfing term used to describe a really sweet event. Could also be used in non-surfing situations as a non-expletive substitute for "fuck."
"Dude, that was one shurging wave."

"You are shurging awesome!"
by Erika April 23, 2005
It is know for being a pasta dish. But now, since I have re-defined it, it is a word for being horny.
"Ooh, I'm feeling LINGUINI!!!"
by Erika May 10, 2004
A prestigious university with a reputation that has been improving every year. An underrated school by all that do not look past old, false stereotypes.
USC is a school that balances rigorous academics and an exciting social scene to form the best overall college experience.
by Erika January 31, 2004
jimmer is a boy who is a dumbass sometimes. he's not the brightest but people love him anyway. Jimmer likes to do Kelly(if ya know what i mean) see: kelly
That kid mooing and stuffing his face in ice cream is such a jimmer.
by Erika April 03, 2005

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