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vegitarian,animal/andrew loving girl, big green eyes, black chicks ass, and brown hair!!! anti animal made clothing. Tends to be attrackted to boys with Flaming red hair and freckles from head to toe, and wear extreamely tight pants. Usually have a tattoo of a green/blue dragonfly around the stomachal area.
Emilea.. the one and only!!
by erika April 15, 2005
a slutty girl, a hoe ( whore ), one who sleeps around; a golddigger. Commonly used in Akron,Ohio
Tina sleeps around a lot. She's nothing but a jelly
by Erika June 27, 2003
they r just as cute and cuddly and addictive has regular bunnies plus the fact that they can take over ur dreanies and randomly appear everywhere
"the cyber bunnies are , are....everywhere...."
by Erika February 03, 2005
It is know for being a pasta dish. But now, since I have re-defined it, it is a word for being horny.
"Ooh, I'm feeling LINGUINI!!!"
by Erika May 10, 2004
Surfing term used to describe a really sweet event. Could also be used in non-surfing situations as a non-expletive substitute for "fuck."
"Dude, that was one shurging wave."

"You are shurging awesome!"
by Erika April 23, 2005
A prestigious university with a reputation that has been improving every year. An underrated school by all that do not look past old, false stereotypes.
USC is a school that balances rigorous academics and an exciting social scene to form the best overall college experience.
by Erika January 31, 2004
jimmer is a boy who is a dumbass sometimes. he's not the brightest but people love him anyway. Jimmer likes to do Kelly(if ya know what i mean) see: kelly
That kid mooing and stuffing his face in ice cream is such a jimmer.
by Erika April 03, 2005
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