28 definitions by Erika

When you loose a hard-on
Like when your having sex and your mom calls wanting to know your sweater size.
by Erika December 27, 2004
A bunch of people in one small car or room or house.
Mike pulled up in a clown car and was the 9th person out of the car.
by Erika March 03, 2004
A condition where one starts laughing uncontrollably, usually without a good reason.
Me: *starts laughing really hard, falls on floor and stops breathing, still laughing though.*
Stephanie or other friend nearby: "Oh God, she's going into hysteria again! Get the medication!"
by Erika January 08, 2005
to tell on someone
Tyson narked on the other's for partying when they should have not.
by Erika March 10, 2004
A combination of Cunt & Tart.
They seemed to flow well together and it kinda taked the edge off calling someone a cunt.
Erika, quit bein such a cunt tart!
by Erika January 08, 2004
Extremely disgusting, especially with reference to filthy objects or areas.
The bottom of the trash can is disgustipating!
by Erika September 23, 2003

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