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2 definitions by Erik Schrobilgen

A festive and joyous occasion bolstered by a general office malaise and often instigated by a henchman who provides a pacifying distraction remedied by the nuturing promise of Tim Horton's coffee and donuts.
i'm really tired and bored, i havnt done dick in an hour.... can we go for a Timmy's Run!!??
by Erik Schrobilgen January 04, 2009
To elude detection from unwanted solicitors or family when they knock on your door. Pretending to not be home. It doesn't matter if they know you are home.
There was a knock at the door this morning and when I peeked through the blinds I saw that it was the Jo Ho's again so I Ann Franked them. (meanwhile they saw the blinds move)
by Erik Schrobilgen December 29, 2008