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Anyone originating from the continents of North and South America. However to aline with previous posts will be condensed to people originating from or adopting citizenship in the United States of America. This definition confines "Americans" to a population of roughly 300 million. Within those 300 million or so citizens may be found genetic components originating from every nation and region currently comprising the international community. Considering the diversity and population of these people their individual qualities are equally diverse. So upon interviewing all 300 million one would find everything from the mentally handicapped to the highly brilliant, amazingly ignorant to the extremely knowledgable, and the morbidly obese to the epitamy of healthy. Obviously any statement attempting to stereotype or critque such a broad and varying group of people would only preval in showing the ignorance of the author.
"Americans are ignorant."..... A phrase uttered by a truly ignorant person born between a different set of imaginary lines.
by Erik Robert January 04, 2007

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