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When you strem your finger across the top collumn of your keyboard from left to right, then stream the second collumn right to left, and then streamed the last callumn left to right. Wait, why the hell did you just quit working on yur life-defining essay to look up qwertyuioplkjhgfdsazxcvbnm? Are you mentally retarded are bored?
I gots teh boredomz so I looks up teh qwertyuioplkjhgfdsazxcvbnm only to have one definition come up with a guy calling me retardz, I feel so emo now D:
by Erik Ehlert January 08, 2008
As defined in South Park, an episode in which the kids decided to post a false missing ad for Kenny on the milk cartons and a couple with Tolsatic Polarity Syndrome (TPS) claim the son is theirs.
Symptons include:
Speech impetiment of making a frt sound during crying and pronouncing the letter S.
Throwing up after consumption of chili and laxatives.
Ocassional belching.
A habit of telling people you have TPS when it is very obvious every damn second.

This disease is so funny it almost made Cartman claim he can no longer laugh since he "saw something so funny he will never see anything again that is so funny".
I SHSHSHSeem (Seems) to have T.P.ESHSHHSHS! (TPS)
It iSHSHSHS (is) SHSHSHSo (so) SHSHSHSHSad (sad)
by Erik Ehlert January 08, 2008
When you go to random websites and submit your name multiple times so a Treddie can't google your name.
Hehe,I did nothing but Google Bulking last night, I commented my name on 50 AOL News Stories so that treddie cant get to me!
by Erik Ehlert April 13, 2008
What? You don't know what the Urban Dictionary is? 'Tard..
You are on the Urban Dictionary... 'Tard...
by Erik Ehlert January 08, 2008
A Stalker,
Originated from Treadaway, someone who uses the internet to look up a person, or any personal info about them.
DUDE! That guy googled my name to find my youtube name! What a fucking Treddie!
by Erik Ehlert April 13, 2008
The Orange Box was a recently released colection of 5 games:
Half Life 2
Half Life 2:Episode 1
Half Life 2:Episode 2
Team Fortress 2

The Black Box, is a famous joke sayng the Orange Box was originally to be called the Black Box but was instead called the Orange box since people thought the Black Box was racist.

Person 1:Dude! I got the Orange Box! It is consisted of 5 games!
Person 2: Um, its really only 3, Ep 1 and 2 are just like an expansion to Half Life 2.
Person 1:Hey! Did you know that it was going to be called Black Box but they thought it was Racist!
Person 2: Laughing Face!

The Black Box/The Orange Box
by Erik Ehlert April 13, 2008
WHat was once a small community of people who could hang out and socialise but is now the domain of emo attention whores and pedophiles. If you ever attempt to tell any user of MySPace the truth of the site the response if them getting bitchy/slapping you in the face/ going "ZOMG WAHH! YOu MAKA FUN AMAH FEELEN!"/ IM EMO YOU BASTARD! //WRIST//
I touched little girls by abducting them from myspace then I cut my wrist!
by Erik Ehlert January 08, 2008

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