8 definitions by Erik Cuttingham

1) The sound a dirty POLISH woman makes after sex. 2) In PGA (Polish Golf Association) terms as a 3 putt.

sentence: Paul made another "kweifakowski" to card an 8.
by Erik Cuttingham June 27, 2006
An outrageously hot Indian lady, (Punjabi to be exact).
My buddy Alan and I saw this young lady dining at Namaskar's, she was hindilicious.
by Erik Cuttingham September 05, 2006
A person of Indian decent that persuades women that he is Sicilian or Italian so that he can perform illicit acts on their most private of areas.
My friend Kumar met up with some girls in Back Bay to get a little Poon Jabbi action.
by Erik Cuttingham September 01, 2006
to receive a handjob from a hindu woman
My girlfriend, Kavita, gave me an awesome hindijob on the way home from the market.
by Erik Cuttingham September 20, 2005
An email "dear jane" letter to your ho when you've discovered she has been slunting around on the side.
Here is the Sluntagram I sent to my former Ho.

Dear Slunt:
it's over - go get fingercuffed like the ho you are -I can't believe I wasted any time on a nasty Slunt like you.
by Erik Cuttingham June 13, 2007
The hottest of the hot Indian woman
Rani is hindilicious but Shilpa thats hindcredible.
by Erik Cuttingham May 02, 2007
A very proficient technical person of Indian persuasion, Punjabi to be exact, that you can ride to success. (Similiar to the A-Train)
Another successful presentation by the A-Chhrain, don't you like the way he shoehorned Professional Services in to the deal. He always brings it home.
by Erik Cuttingham April 30, 2007

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