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A meal that requires nothing more than pushing numbers on the microwave. Often times a frozen dinner or leftovers.
Mark's parents were out of town, so he had to cook by numbers.
by Erik Belsaas March 01, 2006
People who are so consumed in their iPod culture that they never are actually seen without earbuds in their ear, and an iPod proudly displayed.
Mark:"Dude, does John still have his earbuds in?"
Matt:"Dude, John is one of those iPeople. I heard he hasn't actually taken them out since 2002.
by Erik Belsaas March 14, 2006
A pretty cool town on the Western side of South Dakota, and on the Eastern side of The Black Hills. Population is about 60,000 people. Most all of my friends live here and I'm really gonna miss the town when I leave.
Rapid City sure is a great town
by Erik Belsaas March 23, 2005
The worst mascot ever for a High school!
(yes, its a real mascot)
We went to the state Basketball tournament and cheered for the Cobblers!
by Erik Belsaas March 16, 2005
1. schism (n.)A period of time in which, if you eat, you feel as if you will puke.
2. schismed (v.)The feeling of simply not wanting to eat.
1. When I went to Chicago, I so had a schism!
2. yesterday, I schismed during lunch.
by Erik Belsaas April 27, 2005

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