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6 definitions by Erich ULner

Foolish person, see also knob jockey. Also derogatory term to those who look androgynous through ugliness.

Worthless person that you don't care about.
Get away from me dick bird! Right now!
by Erich ULner October 05, 2006
28 8
Passing gas, farting. Usually detected by smell rather than the movement of air, but depends, obviously.
My nose detected a note of arsewind coming from Tony's direction.
by Erich ULner October 05, 2006
9 0
From: postcoital leakage of ejaculant from the anus.
1) Expression of disgust/ dissatisfaction/ anger
2) Describing a poor quality bevarage
3) A cocktail of milk, coconut rum, irish cream liqueur and vodka
1) Oh Arsemilk! I've left the oven on.
2) A coffee for me please, American tea is arsemilk!
3) Well, after six beers I feel like a change, mix me an Arsemilk barkeep, and make it sticky.
by Erich ULner October 17, 2006
12 4
Fart, smells bad, it almost looks like a floating cloud of brown gas.
I floated an air shit in the lift.
by Erich ULner October 05, 2006
11 5
adj - pretty fucking minging
noun - the top minger in the world
Mother, your onion gravy is simply mingeringo.
There goes Mr Rooney, he is Mingeringo.
by Erich ULner October 17, 2006
5 0
When there's an insect in your beer but you drink it anyway. Or don't tell your mates that there's an insect in their beer and laugh uproariously.
It was so hot in the beer garden that I did a bug glug instead of pouring my drink away.
by Erich ULner June 14, 2007
4 0