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1. An adjective used to describe something pleasing to the eye.
2. An adjective used to describe someone that appears physically attractive, but when this opinion comes from a non-lustful state of mind.
3. An adjective used to describe someone that appears attractive because of their emotions, tendencies, personality, or other non-physical traits.
4. (slang) A word often misinterpreted by girls to mean either definition number 2 or 3 that is used by low-down, scumbag jackass guys when they instead think that a girl is hot, but do not wish it to be known that they only want the girl for their body.
1. The sunset looks absolutely beautiful...
2. She's so beautiful in her black dress.
3. She's not only intelligent, but has a beautiful way of living.
4. Spoken words: "Damn! You look beautiful in that!" Thoughts: (Let's get those clothes off!)
by Erich Finkle May 22, 2006

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