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Other spellings include: lezzie, lez

1. A woman that desires other women sexually. Not to be confused with bisexuality, when a woman finds both men and women sexually attractive.

2. Used in a derogatory way when a man believes women find him unattractive or undesirable. Stereotypically, men who have had a history of bad luck with the opposite sex will find out that their ex girlfriends later proved to be lesbians who hadn't come out of the closet.
1. When Maria began talking about how she found other women attractive, and how she wanted to date/have sex with them, I realized she was a lesbian.

2. "Man, when I tried to hit on that girl she just glared at me--this bar is full of lesbians!"

1st Man: Did you hear about your ex? She's dating Maria now!
2nd Man: *sigh* What else would you expect? I just have no luck with girls.
by Erica Stratton January 13, 2008
When you cry in the bathroom and then look in the mirror to discover your mascara has run down your face.
Sarah: I'm over Jamie breaking up with me...
Jessie: Then why you got raccoon eyes?
by Erica Stratton January 22, 2008
1. Used in instant messenger conversations when the typer has become so flustered that they can't think of anything coherent to say.

2. Used to add emphasis during instant messenger conversations. The typer is so overwhelmed they have become "speechless".

The spellings are random, but usually limited to the letters in the second line of the keyboard.
1. PrettyGirl1: wanted to get ready for bed
PrettyGirl1: take off the heels and the stockings
Anubis: safkljskljfa
Anubis: You wrecked my train of thought.

Read "safkljskljfa" as, "The thought of you in heels is so sexy I can no longer think straight!"

2. Anubis: Man your AWESOME D:
Anubis: asdffhfhfaisjfa

by Erica Stratton January 13, 2008
Stands for "Big Beautiful Woman". A term used by the fat acceptance movements and on fat fetish websites that is entering the mainstream.

1. Used to describe a woman whose weight to height ratio would make her "overweight" or "obese" on her BMI.

2. Any woman larger than the stereotypical American ideal of beauty (an anorexic model), whether or not she would be considered actually overweight.

3. A woman smaller than an {SSBBW}. Usually they are around 200 pounds--plump but with few actual rolls of fat.
1. My girlfriend is fifty pounds overweight now but I find her even sexier--I must have a thing for BBWs!

2. Expecting a woman to have to be a size zero before she can be considered sexy is insane--BBWs unite!

3. BigGurl: If I'm 300 pounds, should I list myself as a BBW or an SSBBW in my ad on this website?
Plump_Princess: ... um, not sure. I think SSBBWs are usually so big they're immobile, though? More around 400-500 lbs. ...?
by Erica Stratton January 13, 2008

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