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81 definitions by Erica

da One nd Onli m ! n $ t 3 r
denkster is m ! n $ t 3 r
by erica April 24, 2003
Going shopping, and while trying clothes on, realizing how hideously fat you are, yet still buying pants three sizes too small, promising to starve yourself to fit into them before school gets back in.
"It's called inspirational shopping, every girl with ambition does it." - Gossip Girl
by Erica July 10, 2005
a pork bun is a chinese dim sum food served usually in between lunch and breakfast. It is served in a wooden circular box with a metal holey bottom. The porkbun in chinese is called Chasewbao pronounced (sha-shu-bow) It is a white bun and in the center is BBQued pork that is red. A prokbun looks like Pucca's punching glove and is also Daniel tong's sn! if you are asian you have to know what it is. it is by far the most popular and yummiest dim sum item on the menu!
Erica points at the sticker and asks chantel..is that a PORK BUN?!?! (in a confused voice) and chantel replies..NO thats a PUNCHING GLOVE!!
by Erica April 24, 2005
1. to eat a big meal and become tired
2. to smoke a FAT blunt and become tired
1. That Sunday dinner was great, now I have eritis

2. Dude, that blunt got me MAD high, now I have eritis
by Erica January 27, 2005
Him or her

The singular form of "them"

Of French origin
Someone just walked in, tell lui to come in here.
by Erica June 30, 2003
Band from New Jersey.
I'm going to see The Unspoken Truth play tonight
by Erica February 27, 2005
someone who sends instant messages to everyone--including ppl they don't know. im sluts are also known to im someone the second they log on the internet. an im slut is also occasionally a profile whore, but not always.
Kaleb has only been on aim for 30 seconds and Kristen has already sent him an instant message. That is because she is an im slut.
by Erica June 16, 2006