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the opposite of an oreo; that is: a person born with white skin, but is really black, or has black tendencies on the inside.
Erica means well, but she is really just an inverted oreo. She tries to act white, but the ghetto just shines through.
by Erica July 18, 2006
it is another word for vagina, but more of a girly term used by tifany k. jen k. erin M. and myself. we like to use this word becuz it is nicer and clever, other than just saying, "oh guys look what i have sprouted on my VAGINA!" instead its "oh look! my pee-china has sprouted odd figures!"
"oh my gosh mommy, your so hott, let me touch your pee-china!"
by erica April 07, 2003
Someone who is extrememly annoying but thinks they are amazing.
Nate, you are a QUEERASS!!!
by Erica May 05, 2004
someone who continuously checks profiles while on aim, even if they don't im the person. may be used as a noun or verb.
(noun) That girl is such a profile whore, she keeps checking everyone's profile.

Erica: omg, there is going to be a huge kegger this weekend!
Elias: omg! how did you find this out?
Erica: i was profile whore-ing around earlier and i saw it on cindy's profile.
by Erica June 16, 2006
a pork bun is a chinese dim sum food served usually in between lunch and breakfast. It is served in a wooden circular box with a metal holey bottom. The porkbun in chinese is called Chasewbao pronounced (sha-shu-bow) It is a white bun and in the center is BBQued pork that is red. A prokbun looks like Pucca's punching glove and is also Daniel tong's sn! if you are asian you have to know what it is. it is by far the most popular and yummiest dim sum item on the menu!
Erica points at the sticker and asks chantel..is that a PORK BUN?!?! (in a confused voice) and chantel replies..NO thats a PUNCHING GLOVE!!
by Erica April 24, 2005
One who likes neither boys, NOR girls.
Im done with boys, time to be a hawknosexual- billy the fag
by erica November 12, 2004
a sweet Boston Terrier smile with bucked teeth.
"I love my toofus."
by Erica February 04, 2003

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