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1. (n) The mixture of semen and vomit resulting from a gagging fellator.

2. (v) To vomit on someone after a deposit of semen is made orally.
1. I must have thrusted too hard, because before you know it, she got clam chowder all over me!

2. I must have thrusted too hard, because she totally clam chowdered me!
by Erica October 05, 2004
n. jumping and skipping about in play;
horseplay; frolic
I watched the little kids gambol at
the playground for over an hour.
by Erica September 10, 2003
A follower. Someone who doesn't think for themselves. Person who follows a trend.
Look at all those Good Charlotte, Tot Topic shopping eejits
by Erica November 28, 2003
u c a hot person.. either a mexican or a rican.. but there not quite hot enough to b rican but not quite ugly enough to b mexican (no offense) so u call them a sexy mexy (there are many out there)
the guy jon that works at taco bell.. sexy mexy to the extreme
by Erica November 16, 2004
A sexy boyfriend who is the best in the world and nobody can have him cause he's mine....I love you Mat you sexy thang you.
"Mat, you are lookin ultra sexy today"
by Erica April 10, 2005
When your friends ditch the plans you had and leave you hangin'
We were all supposed to go to the club but Tracey totally porked me
by Erica January 26, 2004
The future of gaming television
"Did you check out G4TV last night! Tallarico had me rolling!"
by Erica November 13, 2003
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