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Boat named after the 4 coolest girls. It sailed the harsh waters of the toilet in the bathroom by the art room and unfortunately sunk as a result of a man-made whirlpool.
Let's flush Puerlaimante. Even though it's made out of paper, it won't sink.
by Erica March 17, 2005
Me and my friends refer to pepsi as when it the time of the month (peirod)
I hate haveing pepsi.
by Erica February 23, 2005
pot smoke or just smoke from dirty
smokin tha dirty dirty with my head up in the clouds
by erica December 05, 2004
cross between lipo and sniper

the sniper of lipo
"That dang liper shot me from having lipo."
by Erica March 30, 2005
A phrase that white people say to make them selves look cool, but they're actually a loser.
white dude: Dude! That party was off the hook!

black dude: yur such a loser..
by erica March 15, 2005
short for enema
Let's En the world one by one.
by Erica May 19, 2004
A word used when tricking peers into giving high fives...as they come towards you, pull back and say "sprinkles"
"You are sooo cool,"said Bob, sticking out his hand. "Thanks Bob" said Jane trying to hit the hand in question...but Bob pulled away and yelled "sprinkles!"
by Erica June 16, 2004

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