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4 definitions by EricL

when you are getting head from someone and you lay a fresh silent but deadly on their chest.
laura was blowing me and i tried to pull her away but, she was going at it so enthusiatically i gave her the old eskimo chest warmer!
by ericl April 13, 2005
15 7
large amount, many of, beve, plethora
Imelda Marcos owned a fuphauge of shoes, the orchestra had a fuphauge of instruments
by ericl July 07, 2004
1 0
multi, many
the fuphage of choices startled them.
by ericl June 29, 2004
2 3
Doing something that is both very dumb and very painful. causes loss of property or health, or both.
JC made a $20K BIFF by crashing his brand new jeep into the pond and boggin it out.

Pat was walking down the stairs at the club and he biffed hard right in front of some hotties.
by ericl May 03, 2005
1 9