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1 definition by EricKay (credit to Nyambura)

When a woman feels sorry for a man due to certain misfortunes or troubles and sleeps with him to help him feel better.She feels she can save him,even though for a minute..or two,max five!
1.He had been dumped by his girlfriend and lost his job on the same day so she got the Jesus Syndrome and gave him some.

2.Guy: (over the phone) Hi there.Will you come over tonight for some more loving

Chic:Dude like I told you the last 15 nights you've called,hell no! What we had last time was Jesus Syndrome. You've got a prosthetic leg now so you can walk again.I'm cured,stop calling me!

Guy: Bitch!

Chic:*hangs up*
by EricKay (credit to Nyambura) August 13, 2009