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Short for "Upper West Side", a neighborhood in New York City, generally starts anywhere from West 66th to 72nd (right above Columbus Circle/Lincoln Square) and goes up until West 125th Street (Harlem). Predominantly white, upper/middle class neighborhood between Central and Riverside Parks and has historically been the home to many artists, performers, writers and liberal thinkers.
We're heading to the Upper West tonight to chill by Columbia and then go drinking on Columbus Ave in the 80s. You going?
by EricAndrew May 24, 2006
Short for Williamsburg, a very hip neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, just minutes from Manhattan.
We're taking the L train to Billyburg later to buy records and have drinks.
by EricAndrew May 24, 2006
Something so out of hand and lacking any control, but in a spicy and strangely interesting sort of way.
After meeting with her 5 times, we sent Doris the exact same information 5 different times. She has no idea what to do with any of it; she's such a zesty mess.
by EricAndrew September 09, 2008

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