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6 definitions by Eric the Terrible

Verb- When shum is actually leaving your body.

When describing the action of shum being deposited (with the help of gravity) on a surface lower than the orifices of origin.
Oooh, this wild sex with you is so good...oh god...BABY I'M SHUMMING!!

I accidently opened the door and saw him shumming all over the place!
by Eric the Terrible January 20, 2010
Occurs when a woman of questionable judgment places collected samplings of shum into her mouth, tilts her head back and procedes to gargle said shum for an indeterminate amount of time (generally until vomiting occurs)
Whenever that MILF gets drunk, she turns into a shum gargler!
by Eric the Terrible January 20, 2010
A woman of questionable discretion that welcomes shumming during sexual intercourse. She in fact, relishes shum.
That woman is such a shum whore.
by Eric the Terrible January 20, 2010
A pie, baked in the oven, filled with shum

A top crust is optional, but is quite common in areas of the world.
Joe: "Hey bob, what are you going to bring to the company picnic?"

Bob: "Oh, I think I'll bring what I usually bring....so"

Joe: "You mean you're bringing those pies that I love so much?"

Bob: "It depends....so"

Joe: "It depends on what?"

Bob: "It depends on whether or not I have internet....so"

Joe: "Hey Bob, I've gotta run.. I'll see ya there."

Bob: "It's called Shum Pie!"
by Eric the Terrible January 20, 2010
A past tense use of shum.
I were having wild sex and it was so good, I shame right there in the bed!
by Eric the Terrible January 20, 2010
Occurs when a man simultaneously shits and cums during ejaculation either alone or with a sexual partner.
When I have sex with her, it's so good that it makes me shum!
by Eric the Terrible January 20, 2010