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2 definitions by Eric The Ninja

to go completely ape-sh*t-crazy on someone's ass.

to completely own someone up in an arguement or dispute.

to completely own in something.
"Wow that kid droped a melee on that mofous' ass!"

"I'm gonna drop a melee on Mrs. May cos of all the homework she gives us!'
by Eric The Ninja May 06, 2007
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pronounced: ex-FUH

to be extemly f*cked or extremly f*uked up(exfuhed)
"I didnt do my homework...i'm exfuhed!"

"All this hoework Mrs. May gives us is exfuhed! Does she want us to kill ourselvs?"

"Your an exfuh man!"
by Eric The Ninja May 06, 2007
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