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Term used by some African Americans in the military to refer the N-word or other African Americans (esp. in mixed company or public places). Derived from "November", the Military Phonetic Alphabet Code designator for the letter "N".
Private Jones is late for duty again—that Novemba can never get here on time!
by Eric T. James September 17, 2006
Hybrid of "Cho" Seung-Hui (the Virginia Tech gunman) and the term "going postal", meaning to suddenly become extremely and uncontrollably angry, usually to the point of violence. Going "Chostal" is exclusive to violent or homicidal incidences at schools or institutions of learning (libraries, etc) and more than not culminates with the aggressor killing him or herself.
William was so tired of being picked on throughout high school that he went straight Chostal at the prom and shot twelve people then himself.
by Eric T. James May 23, 2007
Hybrid of the words video and widow; a person (usually a woman) whose spouse or significant other spends most of their time playing video games, so much so that the person feels like a widow. Wideo can be used alone or in conjunction with the game or gaming system being used (or in this case abused).
"Toni is a Worlds of Warcraft Wideo--her husband spends more time on the computer than on her!"

"All the Wii Wideos in my family threatened to take our Nunchucks and beat us with them if we didn't stop playing so much!"
by Eric T. James January 08, 2008

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