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A full-size American automobile, of 1970's or earlier manufacture, V-8 powered (usually a big-block at that) in fair-to-poor cosmetic condition, but generally still in good enough mechanical condition to go fast in a straight line. "Ghetto" refers to one of the vehicle's native environments and rough exterior, and "sled" to the way they ride low but smoothly, usually on worn out suspensions, and with numerous passengers.

Probably derived from the more general term "lead sled"

Quite arguably the opposite of a rice burner, as they are heavy, extremely durable, American built, tend to have more go than show.
"I cracked the exhaust on my ghetto sled, again."

"My Chrysler is becoming a damn ghetto sled."

"My BMW was wrecked by some asshole in a ghetto sled."
by Eric Squires November 26, 2004
Cross breed of pitbull and Rottweiler, bred by and for drug dealers to guard their narcotics stashes. Attempts to combine the size, territorial nature, and man-aggressiveness of the Rottweiler with the unmatched athletic prowess and tenacity of the pitbull, a breed which, for all it's bad press, generally lacks any inherent aggression torwards humans or instinct for guarding property. (The former trait having been intentionally culled from the breed during it's long dog fighting history, when the dogs would need to be safely handled during and after matches by complete strangers, and the latter trait simply never having been selected for as it did not affect a dog's fighting ability.)

Attacks by these dogs (as well as various other breeds) are often reported as being the work of pitbulls, whether out of simple ignorance or an intentional lack of ethics on the part of the journalists involved.
A rock hound ate her face.
by Eric Squires December 04, 2004

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