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n. a condition where the afflicted suffer from being a constant shit head.
Due to Chuck's cranial rectosis he has since lost his job, wife & friends.
by Eric Shun May 02, 2003
When you pull a quickie in the KFC bathroom pulling on that weave with them greasy fingers.
"I heard you just got a chicken tender bender?!"
"Yeah I just got mines with what's its name"
by Eric shun March 22, 2013
A game played by two men. they stand at opposite sides of the room in an aisle made of chairs. they then hurl a ball of any desirable weight at the others groin. the first man to give up or fall loses. Variations - Flaming groin ball, lead weight ball
by Eric Shun May 09, 2003
I dont really know but call people it in a really common accent and threaten to hurt them and theyll laugh.
by Eric Shun May 09, 2003

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