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Scerious is pronouced as though you are saying serious with the letter K in front of the first E.Scerious is a word only to be used in the most solome and serious situations. It means Serious but the word also indicates if your friend is lying you get to whoop his ass. It is kinda like putting Ferreal and Serious into one word.
I am Scerious I Banged your Girl Friend.
Dude, are you scerious.
by Eric Reed January 23, 2006
When a thing and or idea is so off the chain or extremly gay. It can be expressed by the usage of the word "Bitchin'"
Person A: This kid is a fag.
Person B: Yeah he is "Bitchin'"

Person A: I got tickets to the Heat Game (Bestest Team
Person B: That is "Bitchin'"
by Eric Reed January 27, 2006
Young Men that go to the local park to play basketball in Jeans, Jean Shorts, or Cargo Pants. When seeing a "B-Bopper" you can be assured that he or his group of "B-Boppers" all suck at basketball.
That "B-Bopper" in the Camo pants sucks balls at Basketball.
by Eric Reed January 23, 2006
The Sport Of Basketball. You may use B-Bop in any sentence where you would use the term basketball.
Let's go B-Bop at the B-Bop courts!
by Eric Reed January 23, 2006
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