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6 definitions by Eric Litvak

Adj. Another way of representing the quantity '4'.

N. or V. A double deuce.
"That guy got deuced once, and then he got deuced again. That's a quace right there!"

"Strong Bad totally just double deuced us. I mean he fucking quaced us!"

"What's the sequel to Gradius III? Gradius Quace, of course!"
by Eric Litvak December 12, 2003
21 6
An adjective used to describe something that is "off" or not right or even stupid.
"Man, that girl is butros, yo!"
"Man, that's fucking butros!"
"Jesus Christ is that butros!"
"Getting a single mushroom while in 4th place on Mario Kart 64 is butros!"
by Eric Litvak December 11, 2003
32 19
Adv. -

1. Portraying approval or acceptance. Often times used to enhance the effect of an agreement.

2. Used to portray disbelief or disagreement. Most often used after "For" or "Foh"
Her: Hey, did you deck out your office cubicle?
Him: For sheezyrously!

Her: Hey uh, last time I checked, your skin was transparent white. You realize this, right?
Him: For sheezyrously?
by Eric Litvak May 01, 2007
8 0
Eric Litvak is The Ganbot.

Derivation: The year is 2001. The place is Storrs 416. Kyle Carver said Gan and in worse cases, Ganbot, to express dismay at koreans playing Everquest. Gan became a staple of the vocabulary of the residents of Storrs 416-420 quad and later effused to the residents of the 2nd floor of Alumni. The word wasn't just used; it was overused. It was understood. It became a concept more than an expression... a myth of a fallen soldier remembered eternally. Yes.
1. Eric Litvak is The Ganbot.

Eric: What am I?
Nick: You're The Ganbot
Eric: One and only?
Nick: Yeah, you can call anyone a ganbot, but if you read The Ganbot, that refers to you only.
Nick: capitalized all the way
Nick: whereas I'm like The Son. although I think Jesus already has that title...
by Eric Litvak April 21, 2005
10 4
Nick Indriolo is The Son because:

Nick: because darth vader is my father.
Nick: I'm like The Son. although I think Jesus already has that title..
by Eric Litvak April 21, 2005
6 2
N.1 The cross between bullshit and gan.

N.2 The cross between gan and bullshit.

A.1 Adjective expressing dismissal or negativity.
Sarah Lehrian's skort is ganbull.

A skort is a ganbull.
by Eric Litvak February 20, 2004
2 6