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8 definitions by Eric Kiszinski

In the animal kingdom: a physical form of dominance over other males. The alpha male lion claims sexual rights to all females, fights off other male lions to force it, eats first after every hunt and dominates the land for hunting rights.

Aspects of a human alpha male: a) ability to protect oneself (rarely senselessly endangering oneself) b) leading others c) being a successful speaker that can persuade people with his logic d) not being afraid of confrontations such as arguments e) high social intelligence f) very high work ethic and drive to succeed; a strong desire to produce, earn, and excel (debunking the theory of the playboy who's mildly retarded with no skills and work ethic) g) a strong desire to shape one's environment rather than be shaped by it. This often means being direct about your desires, intentions, and needs with the opposite sex. h) being the exact opposite of a loser (a failure monetarily and socially) i) promoting survival and good genetics while refraining from jealousy, passive aggressive SWPL and IBS tactics

The vast majority of men are very indirect about their desires sexually. Many women who date so-called alpha males are essentially completely unskilled in the field of fellatio, demonstrating that they were really dating passive beta males. The common belief that all attractive women exclusively date alpha males is patently false; all attractive women would be world class in all sexual endeavors if that was the case.
Guy 1: Why do so many men on the internet blame their failures with women on the women themselves? Guy 2: A real alpha male takes responsibility for his actions. He doesn't blame women for his failures with them. After all, women are the consumer of your shlong and it is his job to produce a product that has value and is worth buying.

Guy 1: Why are so many self-proclaimed alpha males so bitter, angry, and dogmatic? Guy 2: An alpha male does not let his emotions overcome him and only believes things if he has crystal clear evidence to do so. The emotional nature and dismissive attitudes of most people online dismiss them from being alphas. Guy 1: Men who passive aggressively belittle other people in an attempt to one-up them are often mistaken for alpha males. Unfortunately, this is social proof failing their deceptive façade.

Guy 1: Why isn't physical dominance #1 in being an alpha? Guy 2: picking fights often is a sign of hostility, higher stress levels and causes a lower life expectancy. Surviving and passing on genes is the most alpha possible thing and not surviving for very long is as beta as possible. Overtly aggressive men rarely command the respect of their peers.

Guy 1: Why do most alpha males have penis sizes that are only slightly above average? Guy 2: Because most people are close to the average, and being genetically lucky to cause FCE often doesn't lead to much personal development.
by Eric Kiszinski May 25, 2014
Short for intellectual belittling syndrome. The main symptom of this syndrome is using a hostile, unprovoked thought-terminating tactic to avoid a real issue at hand in a discussion. This syndrome (also known as IBS) causes usually hostile people to try to diminish others mentally in a variety of fallacious ways and describes a common self-refuting debating tactic. This usually involves discussing a topic and telling someone else (who is perfectly qualified to discuss the issue) they "won't understand it because it's too complicated." This occurs most frequently with respect to discussions about economics, politics, nutrition, and computer programming. Connected with this syndrome is having a chip on one's shoulder and a lack of understanding of the fact that the burden of proof lies on the speaker to justify extraordinary claims.

This term was supposedly invented by Jerry Seinfeld, explaining how his Jewish relatives would come over to his house when he was a kid and try to one-up him in every way possible. At the core of it, an IBS sufferer has deep-seated insecurity issues provoking and propelling their supposed superiority.
Guy 1: Why does Allan always message me out of the blue and criticize me? I don't get it. He opens any discussion as if I'm below him, won't understand what he's talking about, and am a total idiot. Guy 2: This is unfortunately the communication style of a low net worth IBS guy. My best advice is to avoid people like that as much as you can if you plan to keep your sanity. Some people can't imagine living without trying to overcompensate in every area of life.
by Eric Kiszinski May 30, 2014
This is the abbreviation for the term White Person Lottery. Like winning the real lottery, the White Person Lottery allows one such winner to never need to worry about working a day in his life if he manages his funds even semi-competently. As a natural consequence of this position of superiority, over time, a sense of complacency often sets in, and WPL winners tend to lash out at WPL non-winners to prove their superiority. This is an understandable defense mechanism because people with few achievements in life tend to feel like they don't belong or have any sense of purpose. There are two main ways to be a WPL winner: 1. Be born into wealth or inherit large sums of money (half a million dollars or more) as an adult, which was the result of someone else's hard work. 2. Marry into wealth, purely with the intention of taking the wealth and jumping ship as quickly as possible.
Example 1: Girl 1: "Why are you going out with Elliot Rodger? That guy creeped me the fuck out. Isn't he like a total loser?" Girl 2: "He's fucking disgusting in all aspects, but he won the WPL, and I'm planning to extract every cent I can from him, even if it means giving him some tuna from time to time"
Example 2: Person 1: "Why should a 65-year-old man still be slaving away at the company he built 35 years ago?" Person 2: "So that junior can get the new Maseratti without having to open the treasure chest. WPL heaven is closer to Earth than you might think!"
Example 3: Person 1: "Why did Elliot Rodger kill those innocent people?" Person 2: "Being a WPL winner wasn't enough. His BMW wasn't enough, his cognac wasn't enough you brat."
by Eric Kiszinski May 24, 2014
Someone who had many options and unlimited time to succeed but was still a complete failure. It makes little sense to call someone 17 years old a monetary failure (usually they can merely by a social loser), as most people that age were never in a position to seriously compete. Yet an adult who has failed socially, monetarily, and physically is a "total package loser."

Anyone who lives in a country with free education such as free law school and free medical school to its citizens is in a very lucky situation, even if they do not feel rich. Nevertheless, having no debt and getting free education has a lot of value, and those who choose to be unemployed, uneducated, and living at home at age 30 in such an environment can rightfully be called losers. A very beautiful woman who has access to a wide variety of jobs, education possibilities, and high quality men who is unemployed, unmarried, and living at home at age 32 is essentially a loser in 99.9% of cases, with only the possible exception of a dead husband.

A loser has usually never done anything difficult in their life, has no character, very low social intelligence, and almost no ability to succeed under adversity or pressure. The vast majority of losers are not only out of shape, skillless, and socially a joke, but also unable to be semi-competent academically, proving they do not learn well and also produce little of value. A loser is also totally ungrateful for everything in their life and has entitlement issues.
Person 1: Did you hear Jenna is still unemployed? Person: 2: What a loser. She had free medical school lined up and decided to drop out and relax at home till 35 instead. Really admirable work ethic on that baby girl.

Elliot Rodger: hey whattup I'm a beautiful Eurasian. I don't know why you girls don't like me. I'm the perfect gentleman. I have Gucci sunglasses and a BMW. Girl: Maybe I won't date you because you flunked third tier sociology summer courses you fucking loser.
by Eric Kiszinski May 25, 2014
This term refers to a person who likes to stick long phallic-like objects up their rectum. The term was coined in the 1970s to describe high-ranking military officials who enjoyed poking their intestinal basin with objects that are similar in shape to a man's genitals. The motivation for this is unknown and the term is usually used in a derogatory fashion to describe someone.
Person 1: "Why didn't Steve want to come over for my college graduation party?" Person 2: "He was put off by the footage that leaked, proving he's a Rear Admiral. I don't think he can deal with the social pressures of confrontation on the topic." Person 1: "You mean he might start trying to push people off the balcony like Elliot Rodger at a house party?" Person 2: "Precisely."
by Eric Kiszinski May 25, 2014
When they see the big D and freak out. This is the effect caused by seeing a very large penis, which usually causes the viewer's jaw to drop. This is most often seen with women on webcams, but also happens often at college parties. Freak cock effect has been the main source of many men getting laid. The one downside of a freak cock is that it is difficult for extremely well-endowed men to maintain stable personal relationships and receive gratifying oral sex.
Benny: Jim just came in and tore the club up! He was trotting around asking girls if they wanted to catch a glimpse of his hot dog on a stick. How did he get them to fall for it? Steve: Well, my son, that's the power of the freak cock effect. Few women can truly handle its hypnotic effects.
by Eric Kiszinski May 30, 2014
Your responsibility to prove or provide evidence for a claim you have made, without being allowed to change the subject or avoid backing up the claim. The sister term to a burden of proof is a red herring (a logical fallacy tantamount to derailing). When someone has the burden of proof and doesn't want to back up their statements, they will usually either commit a blatant red herring and try to sidetrack the conversation or try to shift the burden of proof onto the other person. Since few people can clearly list their beliefs and evidence about global warming, economic models and policies, and cause-and-effect social claims ("legalizing marijuana will make everyone into a drug addict!"), this will remain a major problem for many years to come.
Guy 1: There is indisputable proof that God exists. Guy 2: May I see this proof? Guy 1: No. It is your job to prove that God does not exist. Guy 2: I do not have the burden of proof here. I claimed nothing.

Guy 1: Donald Sterling is a terrible person. He should lose all of his money, his job, and never be seen in the public eye again. Guy 2: Can you defend the claim that he's a terrible person? Guy 1: I know him well, on the basis of hearing a phone conversation of his. All people like him are the same. They are racists and they need to go down! Guy 2: Slow down there. You have a burden of proof to prove that 1) he's a terrible person. 2) you can judge someone enough based on a brief phone call to know they're a terrible person 3) all such people need to go down (whatever that means). Guy 1: I'm not going to discuss this! He's a racist and that's it! Guy 2: Please be a mature adult and respect that to continue this dispute, you must address your own burden of proof.
by Eric Kiszinski May 31, 2014