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When you need to piss so incredibly bad, that you may possibly tear up the cermamic of the toilet / urinal. Replaceable with phrases such as, "I'm going to carve my name in that ceramic!". This phrase is commonly used when letting go enormous amounts of urine while out for a night of drinking.
I need to piss real bad after all that drinking, nevermind breaking the seal, I'm going to tear up some ceramic.

I really need to tear up some ceramic; I may even carve my initals in that toilet.
by Eric K Anderson September 16, 2007
A term for being incredibly drunk, so incredibly drunk that you know you will wake up only to take a shit that will burn your asshole.
Man, I went out and got real hot sauced last night. Now my asshole feels like a burning ring of fire.
by Eric K Anderson September 16, 2007

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