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The act of excreting or shitting

adj. To talk nonsense or gibberish.
Do not excremate in the hall.

Stop your excremating.
by Eric Hsieh September 17, 2005
A water sport with two teams of swimmers each of which tries to pass a ball into the other's goal; different from water polo because of the honor, friendship, and comradery involved. The Chiddiq motto is basically based on Honor, Forged by Friendship, and Bound by Comradery.

Chiddiq can also be used as an adjective for honor friendship and comradery.
Chiddiq should be a new sport in the 2008 Olympics.

Dude why did u take my stuff without asking? Thats not chiddiq.
by Eric Hsieh September 17, 2005

1. the act of returning or coming back.
2. to make a response or reply.
I will see to it upon my returnal.

His returnal was so quick that his opponent had no time to utter another witty retort.
#return #homecoming #revist #respond #reply
by Eric Hsieh February 07, 2011
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