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A hilarious game where you gather up a bunch of your friends and go knocking on peoples doors and run away. This really makes the victim mad. Want something more thrilling (and funny)? See Donkey Kick but my definition, not the perverted ones.
Hey lets go play Nicky Nicky Nine Doors on McCullagh, she gets so mad.
by Eric Ewing July 01, 2006
A donkey kick is pretty much kicking like a donkey. You kick backwards at whatever you're kicking. You can also do this with both feet to get more power into it. A donkey kick is specifically made for kicking people's doors to scare them. You can consider it the next thing up from Nicky Nicky Nine Doors. Be sure to always use the donkey kick on the hard wood door, or on a screen if you're really mad at someone.
I hate that old McCullagh lady, let's go donkey kick her door.
by Eric Ewing July 01, 2006
Someone who is usually Mexican, and very much related to a gringo. They are usually very dirty and overall young. A sanch has a very small moustache, with very short mustache hairs. (Can also be called a Dirty Sanch.)
Wow, look at how greasy Roberto's mustache, he's a sanch!
by Eric Ewing June 20, 2006

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