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A symbol used in languages (ex. Spanish) that is used for...stating that there is a question comming up? To most people (including me) don't see any point to this character, actually, who ever came up with this is a douche.
¿What the hell is this fucking character for?¿?
by Eric Dowell April 02, 2009
1) A person that drinks on a regular basis but just won't get drunk. They drink so often that they are amunne to it's effects.

2) A person that acts as if they are drunk, yet they havent had anything to drink.
Guy 1: Has Jose had anything to drink?

Guy 2: Yea, he drank almost everything!

Guy 1: Im tired of inviting those drinkinators, they ruin the life of the party!

Guy 1: Jimmy is fucked up!

Guy 2: Nah, he hasnt had anything to drink, fucking drinkinator!
by Eric Dowell April 02, 2009
The process when a person gets intimate with a plant, including any living organism that is immoble.
Mary loved that tulip, I just can't belive that she got genogesia with it!
by Eric Dowell April 02, 2009
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