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n. A city in southern Nevada best known for the Strip, a street lined with mega-resorts and casinos. Also: a city in New Mexico.
Let's go to Las Vegas and gamble on the Strip.
by Eric Chang February 05, 2004
A pure Korean word meaning vagina, considered extremely rude to say
Eric: I learned a new word in Korean. Boji.
Sunni: Don't ever say that!
by Eric Chang February 07, 2005
n. Variation of idiot. See also: midjit
Don't be an idjit; quit licking that frozen flag pole.
by Eric Chang February 05, 2004
n. A combination of moron and idjit
Don't be a midjit; quit sticking that knife in that toaster.
by Eric Chang February 05, 2004
n. America Online Terms of Service. Conduct which AOL members are supposed to follow, but often do not. It includes not harassing, abusing or threatening another member; not sending spam; and not using hate speech.
-Did you read AOL TOS?
-No, nobody reads it.
by Eric Chang February 05, 2004
verb - To hit or make a dent in
By tha way, any a' y'all evah aks me about my sistah, I crease yo' head wit' a three-hole punch.
by Eric Chang February 05, 2004
n. One who frequently reports AOL Terms of Service violations.
ScreenName123 is a tosser. He'll report you if you say "damn."
by Eric Chang February 05, 2004

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