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An ugly, greasy, old, sex crazed bastard who likes to rub "Falafel" (aka Loofah) on girls breasts. Also thinks he has a large penis.
"Man, leave that poor girl alone, You're being a total Bill O'reilly."
by Eric Blair March 26, 2005
The obsession, or adoration of elderly adults over the age of 70. Particularly by teenage females.
"Oh my gawd, Debbie, your Granny is like, so totally cute!"

"My cousin thinks all old people are adorable, she is such a geriophile."
by Eric Blair March 26, 2005
One who gets extremely aroused by feet, or any part of the foot.
"This guy totally get's off on my feet, what a freakin' podiaphile."

"Sammy Andrews is a well known podiaphile and has been convicted upwards of 37 times. He is being released from prison today and may be moving into your neighborhood. As a warning, do not go out without shoes or socks on, and never, I repeat never let the smell of toe jam out of you house."
by Eric Blair March 26, 2005
see: Native, First Nations
"Whoa, there sure are a lot of them poohskin's in Campbell River!"
by Eric Blair March 26, 2005
One of the most frequent and innapropriately used terms in media. Used to make people watch or listen to something.
Entertainment Tonite Reporter: "Here's the star of the controversial new movie..."

Gullable Idiot: "Controversial! We sould really go and see that one!"
by Eric Blair March 27, 2005
see: Sell Out

Canadian born celebrity who will do practically anything to make some dough. Formerlay known as Captain Kirk from the Star Trek television series. His wife was a lush who drowned in their swimming pool. Wears a haripiece.
William Shatner is such a sell out. He sold his voice to my cellphone company for a prerecorded voicemail greeting.
by Eric Blair March 27, 2005
Somwhat talented, somewhat monotonous and dull composer. Famous for making music for movies that uses alot of horns and all sounds the same.
Man I can't get this tune out of my head...I think it's from a movie that John Williams composed for, but all his songs sound the same... is it Jurassic Park? Jurassic Park 2? Jurassic Park 3? Jaws, Minority Report? Star Wars 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6? Schindlers List? Saving Private Ryan? E.T? Catch Me If You Can? who knows!?!?!
by Eric Blair March 27, 2005

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