11 definitions by Eric B

The act of performing oral sex on a woman with a yest infection.
I was grating the cheese on this girl and after I needed a breath mint, bad.
by Eric B January 15, 2004
Shorthand for Oak Cliff; a black hood deep in the heart of Texas in Dallas south of downtown.
I went to this party in OC and them shits was off the chain
by Eric B June 08, 2004
To roll a nigga up.
To kick ass
Ray-Ray was poppin' shit to Big Tom and got his ass muffled
by Eric B June 08, 2004
1. To feel emotionally crazy
2. To act crazy and/or mean
1. The car wreck left me thowed; I have to lay down.
2. Don't mess with that bum he's thowed he may bite you.
by Eric B June 07, 2004
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