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wannabe hacker tactics to root a machine that takes more than a year...
Timmy: Aw man.. somebody's trying to pull a mindwar and it's bogging down my system. What a bitch..
Yolanda: Wtf is a "mindwar"
Timmy: It's when stupid ass skript kiddies think they know how to hack and do useless shit to your machine all day to try to 'break in'..
#cracker #hacker #mindwar #idiot #moron
by Eric A September 03, 2006
A woman who has an alright body but a horrible face. Hence, you would put a sack over her head while fucking.
Hot shit look at that ass.. oh damn though, that face, she a sackling yo.
#sack #sackling #bag #ugly #fuck #sex #women #woman
by Eric A January 13, 2006
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