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A game like Club penguin accept played with Pandandas. Pandandas, are like baby pandas.
If you see me on Pandanda, I'm Eric4280. Buddy me!
by Eric :) June 15, 2009
A sweet, tasty little breakfast/desert treat made of thickened bread, and good with a hint of sugar on top. Many different kinds too! You got: blue berry, banana, chocolate, raspberry, cherry muffins, etc...

But not only is a muffin a sweet fluffy treat, it is also a type of bread! Yep, the enlgish muffin! Thinly sliced bread best tasted when toasted.
Me: Who ate the last muffin?
My friend: Me.
Me: You're dead now!
My friend: :O
by Eric :) July 01, 2009

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