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ICP= Insane Clown Posse. ICP is the worlds most hated band and frankly doesn't give a shit I listen to ICP and I am 12. Does that mean im some dumb wigger who can't type? No and you shouldnt stero type ICP because you dislike the fans. Most all people who hate ICP have no damn reason too other than they dislike the fans! If you want to judge ICP atleast listen to the music don't just judge them by the fans! They are really a good band people just hate them because its a trendy thing to do.
Kid: Look its a juggalo who listens to shitty ICP for music what a nerd!
Juggalo: Do you even know what a juggalo is bitch boy!
Kid: Well, no but who cares you suck
Juggalo: Fuck you dumb shit
by Eric !_!~!~` July 22, 2006

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