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Daragatory comment used against those of asian and sometimes hispanic desent(infering the only job they could have is working in a feild picking rice.
What do you think your doing you rice picker
by eric January 05, 2005
the big greese-ball in the sky
Luigi went to the pizza hut after the mob tasted his pizza.
by Eric August 26, 2003
known to mempholk as the "m-town"- crunkest city in tennessee, look out for "memphis 10" street apparel, fresh as fuck
"we some m-town niggas and we gonna turn it out, memphis 10 in this mutha fucka ho, shut yo mouth!"

"we all got dem new memphis 10 north north shirts, mufuckas fresh maine"
by eric June 29, 2004
(usually "for keeps")

a condition in which the consequences are total or permanent
This time, let's play for keeps.
by Eric December 02, 2003
1. To look at in a threatening manner or disgusted manner.

2. To look at in a manner in which you want to fuck the victims brains out.
1. John punched Bob after giving him a Dirty Look.

2. Susie fucked Lennie's brains out in public after giving hima Dirty Look.
by Eric January 13, 2005
1. The best arcade shooting game of its time. Known for retarded research workers that can't run even when their lives depend on it, and bad voice acting. However, this game does not revolve around the cutscenes (most can be skipped anyway).

2. An incredibly crappy movie that I walked out on.
Time Crisis 3? I don't think so. House of the Dead is right over here.
by Eric July 31, 2004
A shitty county in which all juvenile delinquents are royally fucked when they turn 18. Run by a fucking nazi Joe Arpaio, he loves to see inmates run around in pink underwear and enjoys jailing them in shitty tents in a shitty desert. Police there have nothing better to do than break up parties and Indians sit at bus stops and bitch all day about random shit.
Maricopa County is run by a bunch of fucking nazi's.
by Eric April 11, 2006

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