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When your girlfriend or boyfriend has you so into him or her he can get you to do whatevr he or she wants. Its not cool 2 b friends with someone who is whiped because then they are always ditching you to hang out with there lover. Also see pussy whiped.. when your friend is whiped u can make the sound a whipe maked to make fun of them.. very funny
Greg: OMG eric your so whiped... WWWWCH (lol thats the whip noise hard to spell)
Eric: SHut the fuck up greg
Zachy: oh eric u get so mad its funny
Eric: how bout i hit u in the face zachy
by Eric/ Greg October 28, 2004
An insult to a person who is very white.. listens to no rap, listens to country, rock, and ..... other white.. stuff....
JEss and zachy are Whitys more then anyone in the world!
by Eric/ Greg October 10, 2004
A girls Vagina... also used as an insult.. meaning Stupid lil Bitch
Zachy is a lil Gyna 4 calling me gay.

Zachy has a Gyna instead of a penis.
by Eric/ Greg October 10, 2004
Zijnam is a person who jacks off alot... loot at the word backwords jiz man
Zachy is not a zijnam.
by Eric/ Greg October 09, 2004
Girl I would like to throw up on. when said it has a silent...... w and u... so it is said like giltoe only spelld different.
Zachy is a giwlttuo. He likes me more then a friend and i would like to throw up on him.
by Eric/ Greg October 10, 2004
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