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4 definitions by Eric!

The best metal band in history, they are considered one of the 4 greatest metal bands along with megadeth, slayer, and anthrax, but metallica is the best in my opinion. They have released great tracks such as, Master of Puppets, Fade to Black, One, Welcome Home(Sanitarium), Orion, and The Four Horsemen. They lost Cliff Burton in a bus accident in Sweden, the tour bus went off road and he flew out the window and was crushed by the bus. R.I.P Cliff Burton, we'll miss you and he was one of the best bassists ever.
James Hetfield- Vocals and rhythm guitar
Lars Ulrich- Drums
Kirk Hammett- Lead Guitar
Robert Trujillo- Bass and backing vocals

Past members...
Cliff Burton(RIP)- Bass
Dave Mustaine- Guitar
Jason Newstead- Bass
Ron McGovney- Bass

yeah thats metallica
by Eric! September 16, 2006
A beautiful country in south europe. Beautiful language, people, and did I mention we have probably the best cuisine in the world. It's a very nice place and all, but there are some dangerous parts of the country too. Crime families are all over southern italy and sicily. Theres the Camorra from Naples, N'Drangheta from Calabria, and Cosa Nostra from Sicily. These places can be very dangerous but they are all beautiful places.
Italy rules...I wish I was 100% but sadly im only 50% =(
by Eric! November 13, 2007
A great kickass sport that requires skill, speed, agility, and determination. All the Americans who say soccer is a pussy sport havent tried it they are just cunt faced assholes bitches that say it is low scoring and boring, but scoring a goal is much harder than getting a touchdown. Soccer players are usually natrual athletes and they are hella awesome.
American football fan: Soccer is a pussy sport
Me: *Kicks him in his tiny balls*
American football fan: OW
Me: Thats how a soccer player kicks bitch*spits on face*
by Eric! September 19, 2006
Music in its most perfect form. A metal song usually has fast and hard guitar riffs, Lightning speed drums, dark lyrics, and a kick ass guitar solo. Black Sabbath was the first real metal band, although some bands you wouldnt expect to be metal bands, such as AC/DC and Led Zeppelin have also been an influence. After Black Sabbath came Judas Priest, Accept, etc. After those came Motley Crue, Van Halen, Motorhead Ozzy Osbourne(solo artist), then came Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Slayer, and Anthrax, then came the worst time with bands such as Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, and Nickelback. But there is some good nu metal bands out there such as Saliva, At the Gates, and KoRn. But overall, Metal has had a great history with some of the most talented bands ever.

Some of the best metal artists/musicians in my opinion are..
Randy Rhoads-Guitar/Quiet Riot/Ozzy Osbourne
Udo Dirkschnider-Vocalist/Accept
Ozzy Osbourne-Vocals/Black Sabbath/Solo
Cliff Burton-Bass/Metallica
Eddie Van Halen-Guitar/Van Halen
Tony Iommi-Guitar/Black Sabbath
Jimmy Page-Guitar/Led Zeppelin
Kerry King-Guitar/Slayer
Vinnie Paul-Drums/Pantera
Wolf Hoffman-Guitar/Accept
Zakk Wylde-Guitar/Black Label Society/Ozzy
Dee Snider-Vocals/Twisted Sister
Dimebag Darell-Guitar/Pantera
Slash-Guitar/Guns N Roses
Glenn Tipton-Guitar/Judas Priest
KK Downing-Guitar/Judas Priest

..And many others
Metal is indescribable
by Eric! November 15, 2006