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The Sport to rule all others!

Rowing is the only sport - everything else is just a game

Bob: "So John, I hear your Crewing"
John:"Actually, its called rowing"
Bob:"What ever dude"
John:"Don't be sad Bob, just because you suck @ life doesn't mean...never mind-go back to ur FootBall"
Bob:"If I wanted to row I would, I just dont want to waste my time"
John:"I dont need to tell you twice, just come try out and you can go home crying after you fail at everything"
by Erg Master May 08, 2007
Most definitly the coolest thing to say during one of those awkward silences!

WARNING: only to be used after an awkward conversation.

2xWARNING: not to be used after awkward conversations w/ your mom or any close relative otherwise mixed messages will be sent and no one wants that...
"So this is my place...
"Bow chicka bow wow...
...you want o come up"!!!
...cough, cough...i mean - sure".
by Erg Master May 08, 2007
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