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Adverb- While driving down the highway drinking miller lite, flashing the centerfold of a Playboy to passing motorists.
En route to our destination, we had lots of fun Miss Septembering all the cars we passed until we noticed the man next to us was driving with his mother in law who slapped him in the face for looking too long. Fortunately we did not get pulled over.
by Erbo October 10, 2013
Adverb- Engaging in vaginal intercourse with an untrimmed redhead.
My lack of fame does not prevent me from walking the red carpet every time I stick it in Ginger.
by Erbo October 08, 2013
Plural of son of a bitch. Commonly used in Les Claypool's book "South of the Pumphouse"
"They are some real sonsabitch down there in Richmond"
by Erbo August 23, 2012

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