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Fall Out Boy are a band from Chicago, which split crowds right down the middle. Also known as FOB (for obvious reasons), the band consists of Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman. Pete Wentz is often judged by people lacking in information about him as a poser,and judged to be arrogant. He has made a few mistakes in his lifetime,including a dangerous overdose on the anxiety drug atavan, but from what I have seen he seems a geniunely nice guy-as do the rest of the other three.
Their sub genre is often disputed, often branded by (mis-informed) people as emo. I would say they are pop, but I love them and don't care what genre they are. Many of their of fans are hysterical obsessive girls. However this is stereotyping(which I try to avoid) and there is a large percetnage of their fanbase who actually like their music, whether or not they are on MTV or TRL-these fans tend to be incredibly devoted and loyal, and generally awesome, intelligent people :P. People who hate them often prove themselves in need of anger management sessions, and suffer from a pathetically limited range of vocabulary(often resorting to offensive terms like gay,fag, shitty ass etc.) Please, haters, don't be so damn bitter. Leave Fall Out Boy fans alone. Express your opinions in more mature ways. And for God's sake, by a dictionary!
Who ever said Patrick had down syndrome, this is EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE & NASTY.You are disgusting. Other than that, have a nice day.
1.I really like Fall Out Boy.
2.I hate that band!
3.omgggg p3t3 wentzz is soo hottt!!!!!!11 he s gona marrie me
1.Please, you give girls like me a bad name- stop being such an airhead.
2.UGGGGGGGHhhhhh I hate Fall Out Boy!!
by Eralyn November 06, 2007

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