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A lashup is a method of setting something up, usually to be tested in a quick, and usually "less propper" way. Instead of enclosing all the parts of things etc, parts are merely hardwired together in a way that they will work, if only temporarily.
see jerry-rig
"Are you gona finish that thing?"
"Nah, im gona do a lashup first to make sure it works"
by equinox November 20, 2004
Origin of this word is in Urdu however it is also spoken in Hindi. Literal english translation "Sister Fucker".
used for e.g I want to fuck your sister or it was a pleasure fucking your sister, or your the kind of guy who will fuck his own sister, or your sister is a slut or whore and fucks everyone.
by Equinox July 06, 2004
A replacement for shut up when some one has insulted you.
Shutpu Pranai!
by Equinox October 18, 2003
This is extrejemly beautiful.
by Equinox October 18, 2003
Some one who packs cats
The packer inserts his packer into the cat, thus becoming the cat packer.
by Equinox August 12, 2004
1. An unidentifiable residual build-up usually found at the bottom of outdoor trash recepticals. Cannot be calssified as animal, vegetable nor mineral. Commonly brown/chunky in apearance.
2. Common term applied to any mystery substance deemed to be of questionable origin or considered harmfull.
1.Ah fuck, there's smunge on the doorknob!!
by Equinox February 24, 2005
The owner of a movie review site located @ www.thequinox.com
Equinox is always right.
by Equinox April 06, 2003

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