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Something that's never used anymore, because nowadays people are stupid.
The girl corrected her peer for his poor grammar, and was then beaten into a pulp and called a nerd.
by Eponine March 23, 2004
The shortening of words and adding of numbers, usually used on an instant messenger service, that makes you look incredibly stupid. Usually makes no sense, and is hard to decipher. Rarely paired with correct spelling and punctuation. Also known as idiotspeak.
yo r u goin down 2 the club 2day
by Eponine March 23, 2004
The best musical to ever hit htis plannet. Set in the time of the french revolution this brings to life how people lived back then. Eponine ROCKS and Javert is kool. The music is beautiful and meaningful and wonderful to sing. Nothing can beat it.
'Without me, his world will go on turning. A World thats full of happiness that i have never known...I love him, I love Him, I love him... But only on my own...' - Eponine, On my Own
by Eponine July 15, 2004
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