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the philosophical mindset that one's better than everyone else; conceit
Yuki: you know you're conceited when you look in the mirror and say to yourself, "whoa. my eyelashes got longer." /darylism
by EpicYuki October 24, 2009
An epic name given to an Asian. Because of its similarities in sounding to "panda," many nicknames can be given to this person.
Kung Fu Pandu
by EpicYuki October 04, 2009
A half sheet of paper that teachers give, with as much problems are a full sheet of paper, without room to show work, as opposed to full worksheets. This method is supposed to save paper, but workshits actually use up more paper.

normal worksheet - 1 piece of paper.
workshit - 1.5 pieces of paper. workshit + scratch paper that teachers make you use to show work.
Workshits: Destroying forests, half a sheet of paper at a time.

Pandu: i hate workshits. there's no room to show work. so i wiped my ass with it.

Churro: aye man, can i have a piece of paper? there's no room to show work on this workshit.
by EpicYuki January 06, 2010
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