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The act of a nerdy/dorky/geeky guy getting the hot chick. This tends to only happen in Shia LaBeouf movies, but happens in real life as well.
Ted "Yo dude, billy has a hot girlfriend!!"
John "Yeah, he pulled The LaBeouf."
#the #labeouf #hot #girls #geeky #guys
by EpicSmith93 September 20, 2009
When a teacher is trying to teach, a distraction such as a phone ringing or another teacher entering the classroom, disrupts the learning about to take place
Ms.Mari: "Ok class, today we learn about Wind Resis..."
*phone rings*
Ms.Mari: *sigh* "One second class..."
Todd: "Dude, total Chalk Block"
#chalk #cock #block #blocked #disruption
by EpicSmith93 September 16, 2010
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