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That time of day (5:00) when your uncle has to bathe in a hot spring. Originates from GanXingba's "Avatar: The Abridged Series."
Iroh: "...And what is the one rule about Naked Iroh Time?"

Zuko: "Don't disrupt Naked Iroh Time!"

Iroh: "You're damn right. Now get your tuckus out of here before I kick it!"

Zuko: "Ohhh... now I'm scarred both psychically AND mentally..."
by Epic-Ninja October 25, 2010
Keiichi Maebara's super hero state in which a super deformed version of himself flies around naked. The theme song is surprisingly catchy and annoying... but it's still hilarious.

This is a joke originating from Nyodude's Higurashi Parody Fandub.
Keiichi: "This looks like a job for... Keiichi's Chibi Angel Bottom!"

Keiichi: *singing to the tune of TMNT* "Keiichi's Chibi Angel Bottom, Keiichi's Chibi Angel Bottom, Keiichi's Chibi Angel Bottom, heroes in an ass crack, chibi power!"

Shion: *punches Keiichi* "This is why I go crazy and kill people...!"
by Epic-Ninja April 01, 2011
A whack of any sort full of pent-up homosexual tension. A common practice among abusive fathers, football players, and gangsters. In other words, DEEPLY closeted men.

No matter how many times the urges behind it are denied (see no homo), the intent is obvious.
Dad: SORRY'S NOT GOD ENOUGH. *homowhack*
by Epic-Ninja November 29, 2011
What happens when you do something so utterly stupid, chibi Mikuru proceeds to screech at the top of her lungs. Nice job breaking it hero.

Originates from the mini series The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya. When Kyon and Itsuki try to act like hosts, their behavior drives Mikuru to repeatedly make a high-pitched squeal. Haruhi yells at the two and says that they "made Mikuru cry."
Stranger 1: "What's your favorite book?"
Stranger 2: "Twilight."
Stranger 1: "...... Look what you did. You made Mikuru cry."
by Epic-Ninja November 20, 2011

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