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The lovely entry flaps of an Irish Girl's vagina. If a woman has truly exceptional "rashers" on her, it should visible in her eyes of the way she lays a foundation.
Jesus she had Irish rashers on her that would knock a donkey. I bate the Rashers off her.
by Eoin keane January 11, 2009
A charming, beautiful ferocious species of a man from County kerry, Ireland. His sexual bible includes quotes such as "women and children first" "up the shite pipe, that's the right pipe" and "where are me fags". Put the spin on the ball pants. you'd want to get out of that. An old Irish tale depicts a Joey as a bringer of good fortune and bountiful hunting season although many scripts await translating. In march 1998, The joey Hilliard parish committee was formed and set up headquarters in Kerry. It is claimed that at least six "Joeys" exist outside county kerry but no proof has been found.
Irish Joey Hilliard, Inflation, sugar, butter, bread, buzzing,
by Eoin keane January 11, 2009

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