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Something I can ride my bike without.
I can ride my bike with no handlebars.
by Entr' Acte November 24, 2009
An act that is incredibly stupid.
Dude 1: Dude, Craig Owens got kicked out of Chiodos.

Dude 2: What the fuck? Craig Owens IS Chiodos. What a dipshit move.
by Entr' Acte November 18, 2009
A misspelling of the word "roar," mostly used by 12-15 year old kids on internet chat rooms and forums. It is a part of the vocabulary of annoying kiddies who like to talk about how "randumz" they are with their "FRANNS" in a desperate plea for attention. It does not mean "I love you" in dinosaur.
Ex. 1

14 Year Old Douchenozzle: Rawwrrrrr I eat teh poptartz all of teh dayzzzzz!!!!

Ex. 2

14 Year Old Douchenozzle: Rawr!
Regular Guy: Okay, I will rid myself of your territory, because that is what rawr means, not "I love you."
by Entr' Acte November 22, 2009
A thing that I am on.
I'm on a boat, motherfucker, don't you ever forget!
by Entr' Acte November 22, 2009
Tits that are saggy; sinking.
Guy: Dude, look, that bitch has nice tits.

Guy 2: More like tit-tanics.
by Entr' Acte January 15, 2010
The appropriate reply to a dead baby joke.
Douche: What's pink, bubbly, and tapping on the glass? A de-

Guy: Fucking stop.
by Entr' Acte November 11, 2009
A hillbilly term for wife.
Hank: No, it's my cousin's.

Kahn: Isn't cousin a hillbilly term for wife?
by Entr' Acte January 24, 2010

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